Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Turn Off your Scan Velocity Modulation

Be aware, that screwing around with these settings are at your own risk. The option bytes control the TV at a VERY low level and changing them without knowing what you're doing could really result in permanent damage and or a unviewable state that will require a service call to rectify.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.You have been warned...

This info is from the nice people at Sensory Science Tech support people. I have been running my Aconda with SVM off for about 1 month now and I honestly can't tell the difference. Gotta get my Avia test disk back to check it out.

1) Enter the Service Menu as in the post above.

2) Go to the "Option Bytes" Sub Menu.

3) Scroll down to "Option Byte 5" and select it for adjustment by hitting the Right Arrow key.

4) Bit 0 (Zero) should be set to 1 (one), this is the factory default SVM on.

Not too late to go back...

5) Change it to Zero, and to set it, you have to press the OK button on the factory remote to set the change into the non-volatile memory that holds the Aconda's settings.

And Voila...maybe a subtle change? Let me know if you can spot the difference, I can't really say I see a difference at all.

Geometry Adjustment: EW Upper and Lower

OK, have you noticed that in the Panorama and 4:3 picture modes that the bottom corners of the image bow in? I didn't notice this until about 2 months after getting my Aconda. Don't know if this was some drift that showed up after the burn-in period or what. It really bothered me when I got a ATSC tuner and a non-full screen letterbox image showed the bowing in quite prominently.

If you are noticing this, here's the fix. Remember, entering the Service Menu and changing stuff is not without it's risks. Read the disclaimer in the Service Menu section of this site before proceeding, you do so at your own risk.

1) First, enter the Service Menu as described above

2) Select the "Geometry" sub menu.

3) Now is a really good time to scroll down and write down all the factory settings for each parameter.

4) Put on a light colored signal or better yet, an Avia Test DVD Test Screen and set the TV to Panorama mode.

5) Go down to the setting labeled "EW Lower". Adjust this setting to a lower value (you may have to go into negative numbers) to get the Lower Corners of the display to widen out and to straighten out. Changes to "EW" Upper will also change the width of the upper corners of the screen in a similar manner.

6) Did you write down the original setting? If not, don't worry, you can just hit the "E" button on the remote to leave without changing anything.

7) Once you have a setting you like, hit the "OK" key on the remote to write this new setting into the non volatile memory and you are good to go.

Entering the Service Menu

Some of you have probably noticed that if you push the Menu button under the front access panel (you know, the one that looks like an arrow circling back on itself, go ahead, push it...) you see an option labeled "Service Menu" at the bottom. When you highlight this option, you get a very ominous "For Dealer Use Only" message.

Here is how you ENTER the "Service Menu" for those who can't resist tinkering.

WARNING!!! You CAN mess up your Aconda SERIOUSLY to the point that the picture is NOT VIEWABLE and to the point that a SERVICE CALL is required to repair the damage!!! DO NOT change the factory settings randomly or unless you know what you are doing!!! I STRONGLY RECCOMEND that you RECORD all the factory default settings for your Aconda BEFORE you change ANYTHING!!!

Sorry for all the yelling, I just thought it would be prudent to say that before you turned your $4000 TV into a very big and expensive paperweight. You have been warned : ) So Here we go:

1) Hit the Menu Button behind the access door on the front of the Aconda.
2) Hit the "M" button on the factory remote.

Volila you're in...

3) Go into "System data" by highlighting it and hitting the Right Arrow on the cursor cluster.

You should now be able to see the following (this is what it says on my unit):
Chassis A24
Software Version V1.2
EPROM code 27344 442
EAROM code @00900 (Eraseable ROM checksum?)
Operating time 734h (I've had mine since Dec 2000)

You can explore the other Menus but write down all the factory settings before doing anything else!!!

The information for entering the Service Menu and the Geometry adjustment were obtained from Sensory Science's Tech Support department, but they are not actively supporting User adjustments to the Service Menu settings so don't pester them : )
I'll talk about some basic changes later on. Additional Service Menu Tips will be posted as they arrive in the Main Web Page's News postings and will be added here also to provide a one stop source for Service Menu Settings.